I thought I'd start a thread to cover issues and problems that may crop
up using Designer 4.x with IDM 3.x and 2.x

My first question is will the driver import xml files be updated during
designer updates? Not the packages, most of those are spec'd out for
IDM 4.0 or later so Designer 4.0 puts up a warning message. I am
thinking of the old method of importing new drivers using the xml
definition files.

Second question, how far back can we really go with IDM versions? I
see the ability to specify versions all the way back to 2.0. Does it
really work, reliably, that far back?

Post up your questions, problems, anything related to using Designer
4.x with previous versions of IDM. We'll see if we can get answers.
Designer 4.0.1 is getting more mature with each update. The upcoming AU2
update fixes a lot of the memory leaks and performance issues, and has
some interesting new features, some of which are backward compatible to
previous versions of IDM. The goal here is to make sure folks can get
comfortable using it with older IDM systems.

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