Hi, I have also noticed that when I define multiple scripts, sometimes
the scripts disappear.

Anyone having these issues?

Best regards,


afolli;2147620 Wrote:
> Hi, I have noticed a strange behavior of the Designer for Novell
> Identity Manager (Version: 4.0.1 - Build id: 20110519).
> I have created a Provisioning Request Definition and I have added an
> inline script inside the Global Scripts section. The Workflows option is
> selected and I'm able to call functions from workflow actions.
> Anyway, when I close the PRD and reopen it on the designer, the
> Workflows option is not selected anymore. If I check it, any change is
> detected for the PRD. Therefore, I think that is just a cosmetic issue.
> Has anyone noticed the same issue? Thanks,
> Best regards,
> Alessandro

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