We have IDM running in a closed environment, where we have to go via a
Proxy into the system. As Designer is running on my local Box, my idea
was to have Putty forwarding the 524 Port of the IDM Server to my
In the driverset Logon credentials I refer to "Localhost" now instead
of the IP Adresse of the IDM server. It looks fine if it comes to
Browsing the Tree, specifying context information etc. Even if I start a
deploy the system shows all the differences correctly. But as soon as I
try to deploy, I get an Authentication failed error (Refresh connection
works!) and 626 errors in the result screen. I guess there are some
problems with the port forwarding, but I don't have any idea what to
change. I set putty to forward the local port 524 to the idm host port
524. Does anybody know, which other ports might be required by Designer.
I could find 524 only, but there must be more. Probably I have to start
wireshark, but may be this is faster....


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