I added an ESD/RBE driver to an IDM 3.61 system. (Engine on SLES).
D4.01 AU2 on Win 7Pro 64 bit.

Added an entitlement to an AD driver. Added an
entitlementsConfiguration object since the sample rules from Volker/John
are silly. Easier to just do the XML yourself.

Added some policies in Designer offline.

Pushed them out as Entitlement first.

Then ESD

Then policies.

Thus no DN reference issues, since the Entitlement DN exists, the ESD
driver exists, etc.

When I push the policies my compares are odd, and I could not properly
push one of two policies. Initially was getting 672 errors, but I was
tree Admin. That might have been a DN syntaxc format in a policy field,
so I fixed all that.

But now when I compare a couple of the fields are shown as always there
in Designer, absent in eDir. Like the GUI definition of the filter
rule. But I look in iMan in eDir and it is there correct.

Even weirder is that ESD is reading it wrong, and adding one to
everyone, even though it did not meet the criteria. I modified it in
iMan (Removed the class=User, left the acmeMailboex=true and
cn=a*|cn=b*\cn=c* style stuff, I.e. Need a flag attr, and first char
starts with a|b|c) and then it started enforcing right. Like the value
in eDir was wrong, yet D4.01AU2, and iMan showed it correct in both cases.

Very odd.

On a side note, D4.01 has a bug where if you have Entitlements Policies,
and you compare/import them, it will actually evaluate the policies to
find all the members (I suppose in case you want to do some exclusions
or see the list, though Designer does not show the list, but iMan can,
maybe a holdover from when they ported it to D4?) and in large environs,
this can take a LONG time. Like an hour or three in a tree with 22
policies, 1.5 million objects, and millions of entitled users based on
the policies.