it has been some time since you wrote that. Now I am wondering if this
has changed.
I am searching for an "easy" way to manipulate XML data stored in an
attribute. Like adding/manipulating a given node for example.

Any thoughts?

Unfortunally the url provided here does not point to the jar file.

Father Ramon;491044 Wrote:
> IDM 3.5 uses the Rhino ECMAScript engine from Mozilla.org. Rhino
> supports E4X if you add xbean.jar into the classpath as described
> here:
> 'Rhino Downloads' (http://www.mozilla.org/rhino/download.html)
> That said, the E4X implemtation in Rhino isn't going to be all that
> useful for use in IDM because IDM passes XML in/out of extension
> functions as objects based on the IDM implementation of Java DOM api
> which cannot be manipulated using the current E4X implementation in
> Rhino (the E4X specification allows for E4X to wrapper DOM but Rhino
> doesn't implement it). While it is possible to convert back and forth
> between E4X and Java DOM, it wouldn't be very efficient.
> It is possible that this will be supported sometime in the future.
> --
> Father Ramon
> Pekka Kuronen wrote:
> > There exists an extended ECMAscript standard E4X that allows you to
> > handle XML nodesets very easily. Is it possible to use that with
> > Designer / IDM 3.5?

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