We are building packages for our standard IDM drivers, and it's cool!.
Anyways, once we make a new driver package it seems to be ok but as I
deploy it too our testserver ( in the same workspace) and muck about a
bit a 'red cross' icon appears on the package in the package catalog. I
read somewhere it's a checksum failure but it does not seem to impact
the working of the package.

Screenshot is attached.

Questions i have:

1. What does it mean?
2. Wat is the impact on the package?
3. How do I not make this happen? If i make a new version the problem
seems to dissapear so maybe it is related to me messing about with a
package that is installed on a driver?
4. What is the best place for documentation on packages, so far I have
some from Geoffc on coolsolutions but Novell probably made some too?

I'm using designer on linux, the project is in Subversion.

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