With IDM4 packages, each driver uses the Password Sync Common package to
get the Sub/Pub/ITP/OTP packages delivered, but unlinked.

Then there is a driver specific Pass sync pack that delivers the
linkage, (since Notes needs a subtle twist that AD/eDir does not, and so
on) and this second package delivers the GCV's that the Password
Management page in Designer, Server Variables page in iManager shows.

You know the one where you decide where passwords flow? These pages
modify the GCV's to match under the covers.

Designer in fact shows the GCV's as greyout with the Password Mgmt
little icon (lord only knows what it is supposed to be) next to them in
the GCV view.

Well used to be if you hit that little icon in the middle of the driver
line, you get to see the Password Management page.

However, I am seeing that with IDM4 the GCV's are not on the driver GCV
tab, rather on a Password Sync tab, since it came from a Package. Ok, cool.

But the Right click on the driver link Password management shows the
defaults all nulled out. I.e. No sync at all.

If I go to the GCV tab for Password Sync, I see the greyed out GCV's,
click the Password management link there, see the correct settings.

Looks like the Designer UI only parses the GCV's from the driver object,
instead of from any GCV with the proper names.

So technically a bug I suppose, but do not get all concerned if you have
an IDM4 packaged driver, and you thought you enabled password sync, and
suddenly when you double check you see it is not.