Base packages usually have these reasonably filled out, so you can see
and guess which ones you want to use. It uses the DS-object style
formatting/DTD to describe the contents.

What was confusing at first is that the field names are NOT a simple
mapping to the eDirectory attribute names.

I figured out, you export a driver, and looking at that XML, you can get
all the field names.

So for example, setting trace levels, in a driver export you see:

<trace-size-limit value="0"/>
<trace-level value="3"/>

<driver-trace-level inherit="true"/>

This turns into:

<ds-attribute ds-attr-name="trace-size-limit">
<ds-attribute ds-attr-name="trace-level">

Ok, that was easy. Now look at that driver-trace-level example. How do
I represent this one?

<driver-trace-level inherit="true"/>

In the previous, the ds-value node represents the 'value' but how do I
specify that XML attr inherit='true'

Any ideas? I could use a CDATA node, but I am not sure what the
contents should look like...

Aaron got me an older DTD for ds-object's but I am not sure I see how I
could express the inherit='true' into it.