On 5/23/2012 2:06 PM, dmiller wrote:
> Is there a place on the forms to help with installing IDM. I have had a
> nightmare for the last two weeks trying to get it to a stright clean
> install of sles 11. Now I have installed but I and it says that is
> installed successfuly and the configures successfully but I cant seem to
> connect to the vault. But when I check the IDM install logs there are
> many errors. I can launch Designer but when I try to connect to the
> server where I installed IDM with the edir credintals it always fails.
> If I try to connect to my existing eDir tree it says the it does
> recognize the vault and it will use default settings.
> My existing netowk is on eDir and wish to sync passwords with IT's
> active directory servers.

Probably Engine and drivers is more appropriate.

So step #1. Password issue is key. Need to know that password or not
much else to do. This is your eDir trees admin account (or really any
account. If you cannot login you cannot work.

So if this is using your existing eDir and this is a new replica, then
no new passwords. If this is a new IDV, that will connect to your
existing eDir, if you cannot login, (LDAP, iMan, Designer, whateverz)
then throw it away and reconfigure.