On 5/23/2012 4:26 PM, dmiller wrote:
> Also if all I am wanting to do is sync password changes between active
> dir and edir what modules do I need to install. I wont be using IDM at
> this time to create user accounts just to sync existing user accounts
> with the same login names between AD and eDir.

So you need an eDir to eDir driver between the IDV and your existing IDM.

Then you need an AD driver from the IDV.

Alas, both these will need to link or create users in the IDV.

I.e. A user created in AD or eDir will then create a matching user in
IDV, which will try to match and if no match, create in the existing
eDir, or perhaps the other direction.

You would probably not sync a lot of data, beyond CN and Name info.
Just enough to build the objects in the IDV.

You need Universal Password enabled in Password Policies in both eDir
trees. Do you have it on, in your existing eDir tree?

Aaron B wrote a nice series about getting started with the AD driver.