On 6/13/2012 9:56 AM, rlloyd wrote:
> Hi,
> I know this was an old bug (Designer 3) but I've seen this on 4 of our
> machines here now (3 running Win7 64bit, and one Open Suse).
> We are developing an IDM solution and using svn (svn+ssh access) to
> access a shared repository. All is great until we get into a conflict
> situation. Designer pops up a message box tells us we need to resolve
> conflicts. On clicking OK I expect to see the "local copy", "server
> copy" dialog, but this never appears on any machine.
> Once in this situation the only solution seems to be to check out the
> project again, and start from a fresh workspace (not ideal).
> We are running Designer 4.0.1 Auto update build id 20111202
> Does anyone know if there is a fix for this, I've been unable to find
> anything.

What is worse, is if during the slow SVN compare process you change
windows to work on something else, when you come back, on Winders at
least, it is impossible to reselect the Resolve Conflicts window.

I have seen it, it is a huge pain, and have reported it without much
success. Open an SR if you can, to try and get some attention to it.

I have not seen it happen lately, but it still does, and as you say,
once it does, it never quite recovers again.

Ours, usually is on the Server objects, and they get all sorts of crazy
data in the SVN repository vs my local copy.

How did you get svn+ssh working on Winders? We were not able to figure
that one out.