On 6/18/2012 8:26 AM, joakim ganse wrote:
> Continuing on the exploration of packages I stumbled upon policies in a
> library.
> How is that best handled?
> Option 1 is to create a package for the driverset and somehow make the
> driver package dependent on the existence of that package.
> Option 2 would be to not use Libraries and include the policy in the
> driver packet.
> Hmm, will try option 1.

It is a combination of two.

Go look at how the AD driver as an example delivers the Password Sync
rules. I forget if it uses a library or not, but this is the approach
you need regardless.

Package 1: Driverset, add rules into library. No linkage, no
dependencies unless needed.

Package 2: Driver, no policies, but in the Package properties, on the
Linkage tab, link to policies in another package. This should auto add
a dependency to it.

The Password sync policies do this, since the GCV's are packaged as
well, and if you want to use different sync settings that BiDir, you
clone the Novell package, change the GCV's. This way no code is
maintained by you, just linkage.