Right-click on a driver/driverset, choose "New...", then "DS Object...", then
browse the vault for e.g. an existing object has a custom aux class and some
attributes from that aux class added. Designer creates a resource object of
type "application/vnd.novell.dirxml.ds-object+xml" that includes your aux
attributes, but NOT the aux class! When I try to deploy the resource, I run
into an error -608 ILLEGAL ATTR.

Well, so let's add the missing aux class, right? But how...?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><ds-object base-dn="OU=Groups.O=Data"
ds-object-class="Group" ds-object-name="Test">
<ds-attribute ds-attr-name="auxGroupType">
<ds-value contains="text">ExtendedGroupTest</ds-value>
<ds-attribute ds-attr-name="Owner">
<ds-value contains="text">idmadmin.Admin</ds-value>
<ds-attribute ds-attr-name="CN">
<ds-value contains="text">Test</ds-value>
<ds-attribute ds-attr-name="ACL">
<component name="privilege"><![CDATA[2]]></component>
<component name="subject"><![CDATA[[Root]]]></component>
<component name="protected-attr"><![CDATA[Member]]></component>

I would need to add an aux class "auxGroupExtended" to this object, anyone done
this before?

(Before you waste your time: an additional "ds-object-class" xml attributes do
not work, adding a ds-attribute[@ds-attr-name="Object Class"] node does not
work, and none of the 350+ DTDs that come with Designer 402 covers this)