On 12.07.2012 11:06, wvanpeel wrote:
> We are using IDM to allow users to apply for Active Directory resource
> groups via Self Service IDM.
> For example to get access to a specific server, or specific Network
> drive, etc..
> Identity Manager version 3.7.0 patch D11.
> Can we configure IDM to allow a user to make requests on behalf of
> another user?
> For example:
> We have a support group that supports applications where security is
> controlled via Active Dir groups. This support group should be able to
> enter these Resource requests in IDM on behalf of any other user. Lot
> of our users are field based and they rely on the supportteam for these
> applications.
> We have already tried to setup the delegate function, but this is not
> workable, as every manager in the organization needs to delegate.

Wrong subforum, I suggest you post this again in the
netiq.support.identity-manager.userapp-workflow subforum