On 7/23/2012 11:46 AM, tim fitch wrote:
> Dont laugh. We have been on IDM 2.02 since its release. We use it to
> primarily synch data with Windows 2003 AD as well as GroupWise
> passwords. Its served us just fine hence why fix it if its not broke.
> Now we are looking to move to GroupWise 2012 and eventually a 2008R2 AD.
> Now I know there is no upgrade nor migration path off IDM 2.02 so my
> question is this? What version should I install fresh to my
> environment? I ahv mixture of OES2 and OES 11 boxes, eDir 8.7 and 8.8
> and a couple leagacy Netware boxes soon to be replaced with OES 11
> boxes. Given we still only need to synch data and passwords, is ID 4.02
> overkill? Thoughts (and prayers) are appreciated.

What is nice with IDM is that while DirXML 1.1a was XSLT only, and NSure
IDM 2.0x add DirXML Script, and IDM 3, 3.5, 3.6, and 4.0 (Less so, only
one new GCV added) added all sorts of new tokens and features, the older
stuff still basically works.

So yes, IDM 4.02 is the way to go. You can get away with Standard
Edition and just not install any of the reporting stuff, if you do not
want it. Just the engine and drivers seems like all you would want.

Same engine, just works better.

In fact, I would bet good money that unless you do something especially
wonky in your drivers, that you could upgrade the engine to 4.02 and
just have the drivers start up.

The most obvious issue is that you very likely have a custom Java class
or two in there somewhere. (I find most 2.0x installs seem like someone
wrote them a utility class, since some things were too hard any other
way, (usually functions now built in for IDM 3.5x and higher).

Watch out for XPATH calls to some shortname then a colon. So
ncs:getTime() for example might be somewhere in your policies.

You can look at the <policy> nodes in every policy object looking for
the xmlns: declarations in there.

Some are out of the box, but if you export the driver to an iManager
config file, collect all the <policy lines, then look at them this
should answer whether you have a custom class in use or not.

Now Designer will have some minor issues with the policies in 2.0x. so
you might need to start with earlier Designers (like 2 or 3) to get
started with them.

Might be worth updating a bit...