What confers ownership of a package?

Is it the original creation? Is it the current version?

Imagine this case.

I have a SVN'ed project (boo hiss!) where I develop packages. I have
version 0.0.1 to 0.0.10. But something goes wrong with SVN and the work
I have done in 0.0.11 cannot be checked in.

So I build the package to a JAR, then start a new workspace, get the
project from SVN. (You cannot rename an SVN'ed project, nor can you
have two of the same name, so only one copy per workspace)

Then I import 0.0.11 into the SVN project.

Do I still own the package?

Key is not to change the GUID on the package, since I could rename this
pack to V2, copy it, rename the copy to the original name, and I have a
package of the same name. But the GUID is different so no upgrades that

Thinking about it out loud, since I do not entirely wish to test, I
wonder, since Request Ownership's requirement is that another Project in
the workspace have ownership of the package, it almost seems like
ownership resides with the entire package, not the revision.

But has anyone thought/worked this one through?