Here is my scenario:

base package (for scripting driver) containing initial settings &
prompting only for driver name + remote loader settings

This installs OK (as expected)

config package - added initial settings prompt and added a few prompts
that are named identically to the driver parameters defined in the
initial settings.

When installing the config package, the values I choose for the initial
settings prompts do not overwrite the driver parameters on the driver.

If I include a skeleton initial settings in the config package, the
prompt works, but this overwrites all the initial settings from the base
package. (not what I want at all).

Designer 4.0.1 / IDM 4.0.1

This is an example of a driver parameter I want to set the value of this
via a prompt:

<ds-attribute ds-attr-name="shim-config-info-xml">
<driver-config name="Scripting Driver">
display-name="xlfid(IAMTHMDRDCFG.initial.settings.param.ia mt.drv.homedir.basepath)Home
Directory storage path" name="iamt.drv.homedir.basepath" type="string">

<description>xlfid(IAMTHMDRDCFG.initial.settings.p aram.dscr.iamt.drv.homedir.basepath)All
home directories will be created under this server path.
Must be a UNC path including servername.</description>

Any ideas??