In IDM4/Designer4 you can easily make your own package. You can
constrain it easily to specific IDM versions, and even specific driver

How does Designer decide what the driver type is? What is it looking at?

Initially I assumed it looked at the Base Package somehow since that
declares the kind of driver that it is. But I tested by importing a
3.61 AD driver into a 4.0 tree, made a package with a constraint of only
for an AD driver.

And it is an available package to add to this 3.61 driver. So D4 is not
looking at the base package.

Cannot be the Java class, since this config defaults to a Remote Loader,
besides, all remote loader drivers will use the same Java class.

So does anyone know WHAT designer is looking at specifically to figure
out the type of driver?

Next obvious question is, how could I modify that value. If it is
used, I will one day, wish to change it. Hehe.

It is NOT the Properties of the driver icon, where General tab had Type
in a tree viewer. (I changed from Active directory to Critical Path,
and my package is still available to add). This is NOT the properties
of the driver line, rather the driver icon itself.

As a side note, there is clearly SOME info stored in that setting, since
when set to AD, I get a side tab of AD Domain. When I change away, next
time in, that AD Domain tab goes away. And comes back if I change back.
(With a note that it is used solely for Documentation purposes).