Just want to make everyone aware of two annoying deployment issues with
Designer 4.0.2 AU1 (and maybe earlier versions, too):

Bug 786917 - policy order by weight is lost/ignored during package updates:

When updating a package that has policy linkage order configured by weight, the
weight is ignored during the update and policies are always appended to the
policy set.

Bug 788515 - Filter deploy incomplete after package upgrade with filter
resource object:

When upgrading filter resources via packages, changes to classes and attributes
that already exist in the older version to not get deployed. Only classes and
attributes *added* in the newer version will get deployed properly.

Both issues may lead to unusable drivers when going unnoticed and can be worked
around by uninstalling the older and installing the newer package version
instead of upgrading directly. Unfortunately, you'd loose GCV customization
during this process, so make sure to take a backup of the driver config before

Too bad these kind of bugs are not being made public, wonder what else is out
there waiting for me to be re-discovered. If you submitted any other critical
bug, please consider posting a brief description here, so at least we all know
what to look for and avoid, instead of wasting time investigating the same
issues again and again.

Cheers, Lothar