Make a driver set package, that adds Policies to a Library in your

Now in a driver, you want to use one of these in your driver.
Non-obvious, but you go to the driver package in the catalog, Properties
of your version, Linkage side tab, click the teeny tiny plus sign upper
right hand side.

You get a screen where first line is the Object to include with a
Package Catalog browser icon.

But I find when I do that, all the packages I expand have no contents?

I have to click the tick box, Show All packages.

So the question is, what is the default kind of package or setting that
makes it show up in this browser, without the need for that tick box.

Why would you do this? Well Password sync policies are an example of
how NetIQ/Novell did it. There is a Password Sync Common package that
adds Library version of the Command Transform 9 policies plus some more

Then each driver (AD, eDir, LDAP, Notes, etc) has a specific Password
Sync package that mostly does this kind of Linkage to an external policy
in another package. also there needs to be specific GCV's since you
probably want different password sync GCV settings per driver.

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