I am experiencing a frustrating issue with Designer 4.0.1 on Linux,
which makes me have to boot into a Windows VM from my Mac OSX in order
to be able to do my work (I have a dual boot Mac with Fedora 17 64bit).

The problem is that the User Application Provisioning Definitions and
the DAL expandable tree does not show the > GUI element...and therefore
I cannot drill-down further to get at the components I need. This makes
sure that I cannot use Designer for coding the Workflows etc. This issue
does not exist on the Windows version. I have tried Designer in
different X11 desktops (GNOME, Mate) but the issue still exists.

One other thing to note is that when I create a new project by importing
from an already existing Identity Vault, the GUI is rendered correctly
and I can get at the UA code components I need...but only until I shut
the project workspace and open it again...then the > clickable thingy
goes away again.

Has anyone seen this issue before on Linux? All the correct libraries
are installed, and Designer starts are deploys and compares and all that
good stuff; is there something I could be missing on Fedora 17 x64?

Thanks, KA

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