DirXML-Rule objects are named by CN attribute, which has a 64 char limit
on its size.

Well turns out Designer does not enforce this name on object names.

So if you name something:
MY-PACK-NAME-pub-etp-Make sure registry objects get defaulted on add

You get a deploy error of:

Object:MY-PACK-NAME-pub-etp-Make sure registry objects get defaulted on
add.Publisher.Registry Sync.DriverSet.IDM.services
Message:The Policy object named 'MY-PACK-NAME-pub-etp-Make sure registry
objects get defaulted on add' could not be created.
com.novell.admin.ns.NamespaceException: VALUE_NOT_WITHIN_BOUNDS

What is out of bounds? The CN attribute length! Haha! Very amusing.

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