I have been using the svn feature for a long time, and have enjoyed it
very much (thank you).
My colleques have for some time being complaining about the speed of svn.
When they open the version control, the entire designer becomes slow.
It was almost impossible for them to check anything in.
Since my own svn tab did not have this issue, and checking in and out was
blazingly fast, I thought (and told them) that it had to be their lack of
skills or luck, or similar issues.
Well, now i have reinstalled my sled machine, and MY designer is extremey
slow when using svn.
We all have those beefy 16GB RAM machines with core i7, SSD disks and
everything. Running linux (sled 11, and a defector running opensuse
Have anyone else noticed that something have changed in designer so svn
has become slow?
Or can anyone point to a cure?