Have been trying to implement Initial Settings on some base packages and
my process is to Populate from template and then edit to keep the
ds-attribute ds-attr-name="shim-config-info-xml". When populating the
XML-document it looks fine. Like this:
<ssl-keystore display-name="SSL keystore">. The display name is actually
SSL Keystore.

But when I build this package the display name for same element looks
like this:

OK, I can live with that. But. When importing the package and creating a
new driver with the base package the resulting document/element is
<ssl-keystore display-name="xlfid(SKVPOGEBAS.initial.settings.param.)">
(The ending dot looks bug-a-like to me)

The result is that the display name shows as
A bit hard to read.

Have you guys seen this?

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