Hi all,

I have a custom package which needs to link to a policy in the library
(which is supplied by another package). I have configured the second
package (library/driver set package) as a dependency of the first. How
do I get my custom package to store the link to the policy which is in
the library? If I create a new driver and apply my custom package the
link to the library policy is not being created...

To give a little context here, the library package is a small package
containing the lib-RMAP-InitEntitlementConfigurationResource-itp policy
and I was hoping to simply make this package a dependency of any custom
package which makes use of the new resource mapping model.

The intention was to avoid adding a dedicated policy to every custom
package, but the only solution/workaround that I've come up with is to
create a small policy on each custom driver which includes the policy
from the library.

Any suggestions?

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