Hello all,

Started to play around with the integration activity in a workflow just
to be able to check if the current user has any outstanding processes
before doing other stuff.
In SOAPUI its easy to use the WSDL and just post and retrieve the data I
need. Was thinking that it would be equally trivial to do in Designer.
when I run the integration activity from the Integration tab in the
workflow I always get:

<m:Message>com.sssw.b2b.rt.GNVException: Document I/O error: peer not
---&gt; nested javax.net.ssl.SSLPeerUnverifiedException: peer not

even though I have the userID + pwd to a user that is Role admin. Same
userID + pwd works flawlessly in SOAPUI.

Tried so far: Setting userid + pwd in the WSDL import dialog (Those then
show up as "Source expression" in data item mapping with quotes) ->
doesn't work.
Setting it on the XML Interchange thing in the action model -> Doesn't
work either.

The documentation for the integration activity is close to useless in
this respect

Designer version 4.02AU2.

Any thoughts?


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