I'm working to import from the identity vault to rebuild projects for my
IDM system.

It seems there are several drivers that import but don't mesh with a
base package.

The IDM system is, Designer is 4.0.2.

I believe the initial IDM setup was 4.0.1 - I don't think we had any 3.5
or 3.6 stuff in our environment.

When I attempt to import or compare with Designer I get an error like:
-The driver 'Auth Directory' does not have a base package.-
(Auth directory is one of my sample drivers with this issue).
This then hoses the compare or import process. Big problem is that I'm
not sure what base package it should have.

1. Is there a way to determine what base package should be associated
with the imported driver?
a. If not, what do you recommend I do to resolve the issue
2. How do i prevent this from happening to "the next guy"?
3. I'm guessing any base packages I associate should should use the
option "associate base package without complete install" to avoid
overwriting existing customizations. Is that a correct assumption?

Thank you for any assistance!

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