Hi all -

I'm looking at VisualSVN for a source control (subversion)
implementation for Designer 4.0.2 AU3.
My experience with source control has been the Microsoft Team Foundation
Server/Visual Source Safe products.
I see that subversion doesn't "lock" files like TFS does....

We currently don't have any source control and have 3 or 4 people
working on our environment.

Was trying to drum up a discussion with some experience folks on this
subject..perhaps around:

1. Is source control worth the effort? e.g. Are there weird bugs or
other things to consider that may rob us of productivity?
2. Is there a preferred "flavor" of subversion you have had more/less
success with?
3. Has anyone tried it and gone back to individual projects?
4. Does subversion have an option to lock files when checked out? Or am
I just sweating this detail for nothing?

Thanks all!

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