Who is the brave sucker who tried it, as upgrading from a working AU3?
Report back, ye of such great faith, so we of cowardly faith can
revel in your awesomeness!

After the last few updates, I am doing a fresh 4.02 install, then
updating to AU latest, since there is no easy way to get back to AU3 if
there is some issue with this build.

Solution is simple. Release each AU as a zip file to download as a
patch. For some reason that has not been done.

List of fixes is:


There are a number of fixes for Packaging linkage, specifically related
to how they are stored in eDirectory.

So heads up, there is an expected schema change, adding a couple of new
attribute (in the readme) so that the linkage info can be stored in eDir.

There is a step required in the Package Catalog to 'migrate' to this new
model. Then you deploy and you get the linkage info stored in the eDir
on the objects.

This sounds annoying, but is actually very good news, since it means you
can import a project without the packages, and get better results. It
also closes out a number of linkage weight issues I had reported, or so
I am told. (Time to test!)