Had two colleagues start using D4.02 AU4 today and both started
reporting issues doing simple basic stuff.

Now they are fine fellows, and I mock them mercilessly, but even these
two cannot be so incompetent on such basic things.

When trying to add a new Policy object, anywhere in a driver, it adds,
but will not open, and it will not 'dirty' the project. (I.e. The
asterisk that suggests you need to save this tab).

If you do Window, Show View, Other Views, expand General, select Error
Log, you see Unhandled Loop Exception at the top of the stack.

I THINK at least one of their issues was fixed using a cool tool Lothar
H put together:


If you had Designer 4.02, did AU1, then AU2, then AU3, then AU4, you
might have as much as 800 Megs of duplicated older versions of JARs!!!

There is an Eclipse tool that Lothar found that cleans up the old
versions, and wrapped in a EXE wrapper for Winders.

It helped in at least one case.

I am curious if anyone else is seeing it and if they are, does this
approach fix it?

I am NOT seeing this on my machine, which makes me wonder what is different.

one thing for SURE to take care with, is that when you are ready to do
an Update Designer to AU4, make sure you quit Designer, and right click,
run as Administrator before you do the update...