Can anyone else replicate this?

Designer 4.0.2 AU4

1. Create an empty package and add it to a driver.
2. Create a policy and link to say sub-event transform, add to package
3. Change weight of policy linkage (for example from 500 to 600), sync
changes to package
4. Unlink policy (ie remove selected package from policy set but do not
delete it). Save changes.
5. Link (not copy) policy elsewhere (for example sub-command transform)
- note that it appears to retain the weight configured in event
6. Try and change the weight to another value and then sync changes to
7. In the policy set view, the policy in question appears to have two
weights separated by a comma.

Even removing the policy from the package and re-adding it doesn't seem
to fix this.

The only way I could find to fix it was to copy the policy, remove
original from package and delete it, then add the copy to the package
in it's place.

I get that it's definitely possible for a policy to have multiple
weights when linked in different places, but any weight that refers to
the current linkage should be cleared on an unlink action.

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