I have an auxiliary class that i want to modify by changing single
attribute to add the "sync immediate" flag.

I was able to deploy the attribute initially via Designer just fine -
but I decided to add this flag and redeploy it. Can't.

When I attempt to, i get an error from Designer stating

This seems odd, as I'm unsure what to do (besides going into iManager
and just fixing it there).

I do click "no" to the dialog (during deployment of schema) that asks
"do you want to delete duplicate existing attributes or classes from
eDirectory before deploying?".
This sounds kinda scary - so i thought it better to not do that unless
it was needed.

I tried checking some docs about this...oddly enough, the section on
schema deployment shows similar errors but does not discuss what to do
about them.
Exhibit A ->'
....and the designer 4.0.2 doc looks the same here.

Seems like i may have to click "yes" and delete duplicates, but this
seems to be like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.
Perhaps it is just how it's done? If i do click "yes" and delete them -
what effects does that have on objects assigned that value?

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