Hi All,
We are facing an issue for the last couple of days. Please provide your
valuable insights so that we can debug and resolve it. We are not able
to make any progress at this point. Here is the description of our

1. We are not able to connect to the IDM server to open DSTrace from
Designer. We are getting "Coule not connect to Server, Please check
credentials and/or network connectivity." We have not changed the
username/password as such. Earlier we were able to open DSTrace with the
same credentials.
2. Second, UserAPP is not responding. When we hit the URL,
http://localhost:8180/IDMProv/portal...erPage/Welcome, It's
not responding.
3. iManager is working properly and eDirectory also.
4. I did a "netstat -a" to check status of all the ports.I did not find
389,636 and 8180 listed there. I suppose the issue is related to these
ports only, but not sure why all this happened all of a sudden.

Please provide your inputs so that we can resolve this.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!

Thanking you in advance,

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