Within my policies I build a local variable of type string including
HTML tags (<br/>, <ul>, <li> aso). When passing the variable to the
email template everything looks fine in the trace, but the email
displays the tag instead of interpreting it. The source code of the
email then looks like &lt;br/>, &lt;ul>, &lt;li>. -> so all my variable
Content is handled like a text string to display...

Do I need a sepcial excape sequence so that the < is properly passed
into the email template? Do I have to use a different varialbe type?

The HTML tags that are defined within the email template work just

The idea behind: I have a common email template that includes $MESSAGE1,
$MESSAGE2 and $MESSAGE3. The policies build the values structured by
HTML code, so each of the message blocks can span multiple lines,
contain list items aso.


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