I'm finally able to spend some time here working on package development.
I've managed to make a package and add some things to it. But I'm now
stuck on how to remove what I've added.

So I have package "NIU Test Packages" with several versions. In version
0.0.3.(date) I added a GCV "NIU Test GCV". Now, in version 0.0.4.(date) I
want to remove this GCV. This seems like it should be possible.

If I try to delete the GCV object from the package version, I get:

Objects cannot be deleted from a package in the catalog. To delete
object 'NIU Test GCV' remove it from the package 'NIU Test

which kinda makes sense, I guess, but not really. At best, I can make a
new version, change the copy-from from "default" to the specific package
version to copy, which then only copies over Policies, not everything
else, but that seems like the wrong way to get rid of a single GCV object.

I have to be missing something here.

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu
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