In designer, I am working with the User Application under the
Provisioning Request Definitions part. I am in a workflow where we have
some emails that are ultimately sent to the end user among other people.
In my email template, I have defined the token that I want which is the
reason for denial given by an approver. In the workflow, I am looking in
the Email Notification window and using the ECMA expression builder to
identify what to send over as part of the token.

I have tried the deny reason flowdata piece but it seems to be mapped to
a simple Denial status in a prior step. I have also tried a few other
combos of built scripts with no luck. I spent quite a while looking at
each of the approver steps with hope that there would be something there
to collect but there doesn't seem to be.

Anyone have any other ides on places to check or know of any additional
tokens that I have to define? I have scoured this workflow and looked in
the documentation and have not found a good answer on how to do it.

Basically, there are a lot of people here who do not want to audit our
provisioning service to find out why they did not get what they wanted
and there are requests to have it appear with the rest of the data in
the email. The emailing works, but I cannot get the data that I want to
come in that space.

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