I have a big problem with importing roles catalog in Designer 4.0.2
AU4a. I need to import about 400 roles, but trying to import even one
(from netiq doc example) failed with error "Invalid role level
specified". When I tried to change encoding from UTF-8 to ANSI the error
says only "Unable to parse CSV file". I have tired this two examples:

","Doctor","en~Doctor|it~Dottore|fr~Docteur","en~D octor|it~Dottore|fr~Docteur","doctor",,"admin.nove ll|ablake.users.medical-idmsample.novell",,"Groups.GroupEntitlementLoopbac k.TestDrivers.novell~Medical
Operations|Groups.GroupEntitlementLoopback.TestDri vers.novell~Pharmacy",,


"10"," ","cgp_RolesManagement",,,,,,,,,

with same result. I know from doc that encoding should be set to UTF-8
but what is wrong with role level?!

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