For better or worse, I don't know yet, but I've started off down the path
of package development. Trying to be reasonably structured about it, I've
(so far) defined two packages:

NIU Common - Has some small common things to be used everywhere
NIU Auditing Common - The beginnings of an IDM auditing solution

I expect to eventually have more, so something like:

NIU Auditing Customizations for System Foo
NIU Auditing Customizations for System Bar
NIU Auditing Customizations for System Baz

I've set the dependency on NIU Auditing Common to require NIU Common.
That works fine. So if I then apply package NIU Auditing Common to
drivers Foo, Bar, and Baz, it then also applies package NIU Common.
Great. So far, so good.

When I make a change to NIU Common, then, it doesn't seem that there's an
easy way to upgrade it across all drivers that are using it. Going driver
by driver, Properties / Packages / NIU Common / Upgrade / OK, works, but
I can see that this is going to be a pain to do when I have NIU Common
being used by 60+ drivers.

I'm curious how others are handling this. Ideally, yeah, NIU Common would
pretty much never change. But if it does have to, and I assume that it
will eventually, then what?

David Gersic
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