We are a NetIQ partner and use Designer extensively, we have experienced
the following problem at different clients with version 4.0.2 of
Designer, on Linux and Windows platforms. When you deploy entitlement
policies which are already configured they do not update correctly,
sometimes the criteria is displayed correctly but still don't work
properly. Sometime the entitlement values don't deploy with the
entitilemnt etc.

I would also like to know where we can log a enhancement request for the

When choosing a group on the entitlement value it displays the GUID of
the group. You are never able to get the display name except by doing
advanced searching in AD. Is it not possible to display the group name
instead of the GUID. We also have some clients with thousands of groups,
if you want to get to a group starting with Z you have to scroll through
hundreds of groups. Is there no way to add a google type search for
these group assignments.


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