Welcome to 2014. It has been over a decade since x86_64 debuted thanks to
AMD's Opteron processors, and we're all likely running on that
architecture now. Still, perhaps some people are still x86_32 versions of
openSUSE, or SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED), or something. I'm curious:

Is anybody out there required to run Designer on an x86_32 system these
days? By required, I mean you do not have an x86_64 system on which it
can run. We all know Designer, through 4.0 SP2, is x86_32 only in its
JRE, but that's compatible on x86_64 systems because x86_64 is awesome.
Still, who NEEDS x86_32? Put another way, who would complain if Designer
4.NEXT or 5.WHATEVER was x86_64 only?

Just so we know people are reading, those of you running x86_64 may also
be good to know about. I presume everybody is that way, but confirmation
could be nice.

Ready, set, Go!

Good luck.

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