Hello all.

I'm just following the steps to install the EAS + Reporting service on a
IDM 4.0.2 + UA system (with patch E just applied), and i'm just stuck at
the point on installing the Managed System Gateway Base Driver into a
Designer canvas.

Documentation says that the MSGB Driver version must be
"", but my Designer only has versions
"" and "".
I cannot drag this driver from palette to canvas because the Driver
Configuration Wizard does not show an "available package" for this
Driver. And if I uncheck the "Show only applicable package version" and
select one of the two versions available, the next screen shows an alert
compliyng about mandatory packages not found.

Designer is up-to-date and also are ALL the packages in Package

This version of driver was there before, prior to patch E updating. Now,
it simply has dissapeared.

Some advice?

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