I am having (some) trouble creating a csv-Driver package. Whenever I
import the driver base package I get checksum errors. The add-on package
I created can be imported without any trouble.

What I imported a csv-driver into designer without any pakages. Than I
created a new driver base packages and assigned it to that driver.
Than i created a second Package and moved all policies, filterresources
an GCV to the add-on package.

At the end I modified the following in the base packe of my new driver:

- Configuration Wizard: I put the add-on package to the optional section
like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><features>
<package id="PY687FH5_201407161417140243" name="Studentenimport
Grundlegende Konfiguration" selected="true"/>
- Inital Settings: I imported the settigs from the driver

Whenever I test the two packages in the same project by using them in a
second driver set I created for testing everything is fine. All ploicies
and settings are correct.

But whenver I tray to import the base package jar file to an different
desgner project I recieve the checksum errors.

Any suggestions?

BTW: I am running Designer 4.0.2AU5 on Windows 7



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