Hi everyone,

Since we've been up and running with the Oracle driver in our test
environment for a couple of months, I've begun the process of installing
the driver in production. However, I'm hitting some snags with Designer

Basically, here's my tale of woe, which acts in a similar fashion on
Windows and Linux:

If I use the base 4.0.2 from the download on NetIQ's website, then I
can't do a lot of things (imports from the vault result in missing
package errors out the wazoo.)

If I upgrade to AU5, then I can import from the vault fine, but when I
go to add a new "Oracle Base" driver, it takes me all the way through
the configuration without any errors, but when I click "Finish," I just
end up with a non-configured "Generic Driver" on my designer window :/

If I upgrade AU5 with the latest package updates, whenever I go to
create a new "Oracle Base" driver, as soon as I select the features, it
gives me an error that says that the package "Password Synchronization
Common" requires "any version" of the package "Password Synchronization
Notification Templates", but that that requirement can't be met, even
though the package catalog on the left clearly shows a "Password
Synchronization Notification Templates" package. This is regardless of
whether I tell IDM to upgrade the "Password Synchronization Common"
package as a part of the upgrade process. If I ignore this "optional"
package and go all the way through the config, when I go to start the
driver it yaks because it's missing the password sync configuration.
However, unfortunately, you can't deselect the password sync stuff from
the "Oracle Base" installation. I would do that if I could, because
we're not going to be doing any password syncs from Oracle.

(One thing to note - when I did this (successfully) in test, I was using
AU4. But silly me decided to install the AU5 update because we're always
supposed to stay updated to the latest version... But of course, I can't
revert to AU4, all I can download is AU5 :/)


(PS - I've uninstalled, cleaned, and reinstalled IDM Designer about 20
times yesterday on both Windows and Linux trying different combinations
of updates, including snapshotting and reverting to snapshots of my
VirtualBox win7 vm.)

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