This seems like it should be possible, but I'm not seeing it.

I'm working on a driver, it doesn't really matter which one, but it's one
where NetIQ has packaged it. There is some default functionality that I
need to replace. The reason doesn't matter.

So if NetIQ shipped the packaged driver with NOVLFOOBAR-sub-mp-Baz as a
policy set that does something I don't want, and I want to *replace* it
with my own policy set, how do I do that?

What I want to do is develop and install a package, call it something
like "NIU Customizations". This package would then contain my own version
of this policy set, NIUFOOBAR-sub-mp-Baz. On installation, the NOVLFOOBAR-
sub-mp-Baz policy set would be unlinked, and the replacement NIUFOOBAR-
sub-mp-Baz policy set would be linked in its place. On un-installation of
my customized package, the reverse would be true, unlinking the NIU
version and re-linking the NetIQ policy back in to place.

Linking my policy is easy. What I can't find a way to do is to un-link

I know that I could fork the whole driver, but I don't want to do that.
Most of the NetIQ packaged driver does what I need, and I want to be able
to continue to get their updates and apply them the way they're designed.

David Gersic
Knowledge Partner

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