Using entitlements to grant users an ADaccount. The mailbox provisioning
(exchange) is done via policy.
Now when the entitlement is revoked I want 2 actions on the exchange
part to be done. First the address must be hidden from the exchange
addresslist, secondly the autoreply config must be enabled.

I've created an OTP policy which test on $drv.acct.Trk.status changing
to true (account is disabled) then with an PSexecute command:
Set-Mailbox-Identity domain\sAMAccountName -HiddenFromAddressListEnabled
This works fine.
But when I create a second action, which is very much the same only this
sets the autoreplyconfiguration, only the this action is completed. It
looks like the PSExecute command can only be done one time in a policy.

In the trace both are showing up without errors but only the last one is

Any thoughts?

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