Can anyone confirm that they also see this?

Note using an older version of Designer. 4.0.2 (no Auto Updates applied).

IDM 4.02 / eDirectoy 8.8 SP7

New Effective Object class
1. Create a effective class (not aux) and some attributes.
2. Import these schema changes into Designer, save the changes.
3. Create an additional optional attribute for this class via Designer and deploy.
4. Create some objects of this new effective class and test.

Then cleanup.
1. Delete all objects of this class.
2. Via iManager, remove all optional attributes from this class.
3. Via iManager, delete the effective class.
4. Via iManager, delete any attributes created solely for this effective class.
5. Use dstrace to confirm deletion of schema.
5. Force schema replication and verify complete.
6. Verify in iManager that the attributes and effective class are no longer present.
7. Run schema compare or deploy from Designer:
a. Designer does not prompt to re-deploy this effective class
b. In Designer make a change to "dirty" the effective class, for example remove an optional attribute and then re-deploy. This time, Designer lets one re-deploy the schema changes.

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