Hi all,

In my notebook I can import projects from SVN normaly but in a client
desktop don't. I'm using a SVN with http (no SSL) and receiving the
following message after fulfilling the Repository Location:

You have provided a valid username and password for the server, but you
do not have access to the specified URL. Please contact your server

The connection is under a proxy, configured in Designer. I can access
update Designer and Packages normally, also navigate in SVN via web
browser in this same machine.

I tried to clean up saved SVN user/password follow the TID:
https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7002782 but the directory
does not exist (neither in another location).

The desktop is a Win XP 32 bits with designer 4.0.2 20120611 with last
patch applied using a local administrator user.

Have anybody ideas for fix it?

Thanks in advance,

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