Hi all,

I'm really new to Novell and the Identity Manager tool, so I'm hopping
that someone could help me with my little problem.

First of all I installed Identity Manager with all it's components
(iManager, Designer, Meta-directory, ...). During the install I just
changed the default ports to 390 (http) and 391(https) because the
default ports were already in use by AD (I'm using just one machine to
do my tests).

After the install I connect to iManager and try to do some simple
operations, as creating a new user and modify it's attributes. All
working well.

My problem is when I try to add the driver to the Designer. I add a
Identity Vault from the Palette, and when I try to connect it tells me
"Connection to the Identity Vault failed. Make sure that the credential
information is valid.".

The DSTrace log says :
> LDAP : DoTLSHandshake on connection 0x143f85f0
> LDAP : TLS accept failure 1 on connection 0x143f85f0, setting err =
> -5875. Error stack: error:140760FC:SSL
> routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unknown protocol
> LDAP : TLS handshake failed on connection 0x143f85f0, err = -5875
> LDAP : Server closing connection 0x143f85f0, socket error = -5875
> LDAP : Connection 0x143f85f0 closed

To be sure that the Vault was running I try to connect using Apache
Directory Studio and it worked, using the same credentials :
> host:
> username: admin.sa.system
> password: ******

With Apache DS I was able to see my users and everything else. Does
someone have an idea of why I can't connect using the Designer?

Thanks in advance for all your help,

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