Hi folks!
Finally IDM4.5 available for download!

I started test new 64-bit Designer and found number of new great
First visible difference: Startup and Shutdown policy now visible in
"Fishbone" view!

New features also described in documentation:
> Designer now supports deprecating packages. Designer polls for list of
> deprecated packages during online package updates, and notifies the
> users of the deprecations in all package manager operations as
> required.
> Startup and Shutdown policy sets are now included in the Policy Flow
> View also. These policy sets are visible if the engine version is 4.0.2
> Patch 3 or later. The policysets are also included in the documents
> created by document generator.
> Designer 4.5 is migrated to use Eclipse 4.3.1.
> Designer 4.5 works natively on 64-bit systems. Designer Installer takes
> care of installing appropriate versions (32 bit or 64 bit) depending on
> the platform.
> Designer 4.5 is shipped with latest version of NICI (nici 2.7.7 patch
> 2).
> Designer now automatically updates eDirectory schema during deploy
> operations if required. e.g. "DirXML-pkgLinkages" attribute will be
> added to eDirectory schema if found not present during deploys.
> Designer now prompts for migrating linkages at startup for older
> projects.
> Designer now supports creating & deploying schema attributes with syntax
> "Integer 64".
> Designer 4.5 supports Out of Band Sync. You can mark attributes for "out
> of band sync" on the driver filter editor.
> Designer now sets up necessary rights for running a job during job
> deploys.
> You can now view package readme during package upgrades

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