Couple of things.

1. A bug, i think? I noticed the following.
1. Open the fishbone on a driver.
2. Open a policy via the policy view.
3. The policy view now won't display the policies any more. Even if I am
clicking on the policy sets in the fishbone. It won't display a
container list until I select the modeler tab.

I get the message: "The selected object in the Outline view is not
associated with a policy set, or multiple objects are selected."

Do you guys have this as well? Did it allways do that? I just noticed it
slowing my workflow, having to close the rule I'm working on.

2. We use a *lot* of EcmaScript. I noticed the basic syntax coloring
being gone now, it's all black even all my glorious JSDoc (can we have
an enhancement request to show jsdoc in designer btw, it would be
awesome I think). Is this per design? I usually do all the serious
development in a seperate Eclipse but for browsing libraries and
reading it sure looks cluttered .

3. Am I more giddy over a new idm release than a grown man should be,



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